Nov. 5, 2021

Appsedia's Machine Learning Approach

by Kamyar Karimi

Appsedia's data science engine is like a fine wine---it gets better with age---and this wouldn’t be possible without your help! Seriously, thanks!

Appsedia automatically labels online chatter using trending topics of community discussion. But these trends are constantly evolving and so Appsedia needs to learn in order to keep up! Appsedia is getting more and more accurate over time, and it has you, its users, to thank! Every time an Appsedia user changes the label on one of its reviews, Appsedia learns from the feedback it receives. If you are a Data Science nerd, you might be interested to read on to understand how this is all happening under the hood!   

Appsedia uses a custom-built continual learning framework. Continual learning is the ability of a data science model to learn continually from a stream of data. In practice, this means supporting the ability of a model to autonomously learn and adapt in production as new data comes in. Continual learning is based on Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), which is the process of applying machine learning (ML) models to real-world problems using automation.

In Appsedia’s continual learning framework, the underlying NLP engine get automatically retrained as it received the continues stream of data from user inputs fetched through different social media sources. It then automatically re-optimizes its parameters and decision thresholds to maximize performance metrics, specifically F1 score. Appsedia NLP engine leverages Github actions and workflows as its base for MLOps (machine leaning operation), and cloud based environments to productionize its continual leaning framework. 

At Appsedia, we always thrive for excellence and continues improvement, and our NLP engine is no exception! Successfully productionized, our continual leaning framework ensures that our NLP engine is always improving, adapting to user inputs and emerging trends to provide our clients and businesses with accurate insights about their social network.

If you are a data scientist specializing in NLP, and you would like to work with us on Appsedia, please get in touch!

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