Nov. 12, 2021

Community Analysis

by Kamyar Karimi

Community Manager at Work

If you are lucky, your product has a community of users that like to chat about it online. This community can act as a sounding board for new product ideas, you can get direct product feedback from them, and if you treat them well, they can become advocates, and you will unlock network effects for your product.

You can imagine how useful it would be to keep track of your communities’ thoughts and feelings just as you are launching a new product or rolling out a new feature. Your social media campaigns are up and running. People react to your product across different social platforms giving you vital information in comments, tweets, reviews, etc. It can be difficult for a community manager to keep up with user feedback from multiple platforms spotting cross-platform trends.

Social Media Sentiment

Appsedia uses machine learning to help you track and respond to your community in a more seamless and data-driven manner! You can leverage our cross-platform community KPI (your product’s Social Health Score) to get a quick at-a-glance pulse check to measure how well your community is thriving. We also allow you to deep-dive into the more nuanced social analysis. We also give you the tools to measure social feedback on common customer pain points, community sentiment, and which times of the day your customers are most engaged.

Community Manager at Work

Listen to, learn from, and champion your product’s users no matter where they congregate online. Cultivate your community, elevate their voices so that you can make social-data-driven decisions, and unlock network effects.

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