June 7, 2021

Measuring a product's social health

by Gary O'Keeffe

This post might be an interesting read if you are looking for a simple way to understand how the public feels about your product.

You can count and measure a lot of different social metrics: reviews, tweets, retweets, posts, replies, sentiment and topic analysis, etc. It's great to have so many data points, but it can be overwhelming, and we can run into paralasys by analysis.

The Social Health Score framework aims to tackle problems of information overload in the product social analytics space. 
The framework can be decsibed via the following three pillars: Social Volume, Social Sentiment, and Social Frenzy.

At a high level, these pillars can be defined as the answers to the following three questions:
 - How many people are talking about my product online? (Which gives a Social Volume Score)
 - What are they saying---is it good or is it bad? (Which gives a Social Sentiment Score)
 - How are the answers to those questions trending over time? (Which gives a Social Frenzy Score)
And each pillar is given a socre ranging from 0 to 10.

The Social Volume Score captures how loudly a product stands out in the overall marketplace relative to other products. The more that people talk about a product, the higher its score.

The Social Sentiment score captures how positively the public speak about a product. If a product's Social Sentiment score is 0, the public really isn't happy when they discuss that product; wheareas if it scores a 10 the public are really positive when they talk about it.

The Social Frenzy Score metric describes how hot a product is performing on social is right now relative to how it usually performs. You might expect this number to spike if you are running a marketing campaign.

All three of these scores roll up into a comprehensive Social Health Score---sign up to Appsedia today if you would like to see how your app is performing on social.

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