June 15, 2021

Tracking your App's Social Sentiment across Different Platforms

by Gary O'Keeffe

Social sentiment is a metric for tracking how the public feel when they mention your product online. It is a commonly used metric in: market research, product management, marketing, and community management. Each product has its own unique nuances when it comes to tracking and measuring social sentiment. This post may be particularly interesting if you are looking to track your product’s social sentiment.

Online writing style is an exciting field of academic study, see this paper for a recent review of the literature on the topic. Every online social platform has its own culture and unique style of writing/discourse; on LinkedIn people tend to take a more professional tone, whereas on a platform such as Reddit the tone tends to be more informal. Similarly, geographical region, age group, social class, and multiple other factors are determinants of online writing style. As a result, any product that is discussed online, can be discussed in a variety of writing styles depending on the context

If you want to track your product’s social sentiment online, you will be best served by adopting a context-driven approach. If you are tracking tweets, use a technique that works well on twitter; if you are tracking AppStore reviews, use a technique that works well on AppStore data.

At Appsedia we have built a standardized social sentiment classification framework to work across social medium and different app categories. Our approach to Social Sentiment classification allows you to compare and contrast your app’s social sentiment across social platforms and against other similar types of apps. Sign up today to track your product’s social sentiment.

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